photographer Wolfgang Tillmans on European culture

Renowned photographer Wolfgang Tillmans on European culture and Brexit

Article in The Guardian

…”You are a German who lives between Berlin and London, and attended college in the UK. Do you consider yourself a citizen of Europe?
Yes. I honestly do. My identity is European. City-wise, I’m a Londoner. Nationally, I’m German. But, really, I see myself as a product of European reconciliation and cultural exchange…”

6862  Wolfgang Tillmans. Photograph: Michael Danner/Observer


I feel like that too!! My grandmother was an Italian refugee from Istria (nowadays Croatia) born in Switzerland who then lived in Italy, Germany, then back in Italy. My cousins are Venezuelans. My sister has lived in Spain for 20 years. I have lived in the UK for 20 years. My bother travels all over the place for work. City-wise I am a Londoner. Nationally my passport says Italian. I feel European.